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Fields that I am interested in


Python, Javascript, d3.js and zsh.


Cloud pipelines, CI/CD and data versioning


Mass Spectrometry, Protein structures and dynamics


Making data intuitively understandable while maintaining the elegance.


Former licensed PADI instructor


Roasting and brewing coffee since 2010.


Scientific career starting 1994 until now

  • 2022 -

    GSK - Cellzome

    Director Data Streams and Operations,
    MST-AIML-DSDE, Heidelberg

  • 2017 - 2022

    GSK - Cellzome

    Head of Computational Mass Spectrometry at Cellzome GmbH - R&D Platform Technology & Science GSK, Heidelberg

  • 2008 - 2016

    University of Muenster

    From Alexander von Humboldt fellow to Habilitation

  • 2006 - 2008

    City College of New York

    Structural bioinformatics with focus on continuum electrostatics with Prof. Dr. M. Gunner at the Physics Department, City College of New York. Supervisor

  • 2002 - 2005


    Institute of Plant Biochemistry, University Freiburg & Biophysics department, CEA Saclay, Paris with Drs. A. Krieger-Liszkay and A. W. Rutherford

  • 1997 - 2001

    Diploma Biochemistry

    At the University of Freiburg

  • 1994 - 1997


    Zwischenprüfung in Mathematics and Chemistry at the University of Freiburg

Some stats!

Scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and their foundation










μ(coffee) d-1



Selected publications

Computational Mass Spectrometry
enables universal and accurate quantification of mass spectrometry data
Leufken Johannes, Niehues Anna, Sarin L. Peter, Wessel Florian, Hippler Michael, Leidel Sebastian A. and Fufezan Christian
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2017, 16 pp 1736-1745 12
STT7 & Phospho Proteomics
Phospho Proteomics
STATE TRANSITION7-Dependent Phosphorylation Is Modulated by Changing Environmental Conditions and Its Absence Triggers Remodeling of Photosynthetic Protein Complexes
Bergner Sonja Verena, Scholz Martin, Trompelt Kerstin, Barth Johannes, Gäbelein Philipp, Steinbeck Janina, Xue Huidan, Clowez Sophie, Fucile Geoffrey, Goldschmidt-Clermont Michel, Fufezan Christian and Hippler Michael
Plant Physiology 2015, 168 pp 615-634 52
Iron homoestasis
Computational Mass Spectrometry
The metabolic status drives acclimation of iron deficiency responses in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as revealed by proteomics based hierarchical clustering and reverse genetics
Ricarda Hoehner, Johannes Barth, Leonardo Magneschi, Daniel Jaeger, Anna Niehues, Till Bald, Arthur Grossman, Christian Fufezan and Michael Hippler
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics July 2, 2013, mcp.M113.029991 41
Computational Mass Spectrometry
pymzML: Python module for high-throughput bioinformatics on mass spectrometry
Bald Till, Barth Johannes, Niehues Anna, Specht Michael, Hippler Michael and Fufezan Christian
Bioinformatics (Oxford England) 2012, 28 pp 1052-3 69

pymzML v2.0: introducing a highly compressed and seekable gzip format.
Kösters M, Leufken J, Schulze S, Sugimoto K, Klein J, Zahedi RP, Hippler M, Leidel SA, Fufezan C.
Bioinformatics (Oxford England) 2012, 28 pp 1052-3 23
Structural Bioinformatics
The role of Buergi-Dunitz interactions in the structural stability of proteins.
Fufezan, Christian
Proteins 2010, 78 pp 2831-8 42
Primary Quinone Redox in PSII
Biophysics & Molecular biology
Influence of the Redox Potential of the Primary Quinone Electron Acceptor on Photoinhibition in Photosystem II
Fufezan Christian, Gross CM, Sjödin Martin, Rutherford A William, Krieger-Liszkay Anja and Kirilovsky Diana
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2007, 282 pp 12492-12502 91



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